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Thank you for visiting my web site. This is a mixed bag of work-related material, topics I care about such as computing, business processes, investment analysis and hobbies as well as photos for families&friends etc.
My email address is mourad@autonomic-labs.com.

I currently work for the Internet Services division of Cable & Wireless Plc. My role includes being a global design authority (GDA); ensuring governance and business reviews as well as being a network test authority. I try hard to spend at least 30% of my time undertaking design, technical development and testing in the labs whilst the rest is quickly eaten away by projects, business case reviews, QA & governance, strategy and product roadmaps. The (30%, 70%) does not always work and sometimes swings to a (20%, 80%) to my dislike and it is a difficult balance but I feel that being hands-on technically will always give you the edge whilst making business decisions with technologies.

The four boxes below represent some long term projects I have been working on.

Mourad Kara

       " IT+BPM+KPI+ROI" A winning formula

This is one of my two hot topics at the moment to address the need for IT professionals to actively contribute to the business environment in which they work and evolve. All too often the current perception is that IT departments are full of experts in their fields but it is difficult to communicate with them and/or see tangible IT benefits. IT and business process management (BPM) have a strong partnership to deliver competitive edge.

       Autonomic Computing

This is one of my two hot topics at the moment: From my experience in designing systems and services in large data centres and complex networks, I feel that optimising and automating the service management layer is at the centre of the next generation of IT solutions. Autonomic computing is one proposition that aims to address this issue.


       A Curriculum Fit for Purpose

Computing & Networking curriculums are the backbones for the education of the next generation of IT practitioners and CIOs. There are currently wide gaps between what business require in terms of skills and what Universities are delivering. Having been both a University staff chairing curriculum workstreams and then in business recruiting and retraining, there are a lot of aspects that we can improve.

       Research for Business

Academic research in Internet computing & computer networking is still struggling to make an impact on business. Some progress has been made via funding from research councils (EPSRC), government institutions (DTI) and joint initiatives and in particular via support from large companies research labs. But there are still a large number of companies who show minimum interest in R & D, often using the PR fund when pushed to act!.


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